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Going To Church is Good for You

Excerpts from the Houston Chronicle and
a Time Magazine article Feb. 23, 2009.

Researches at Duke, Stanford, & Harvard Universities have found going to church is good for you and a Time Magazine article agrees.

Religious activity linked to better immune systems. 
A study of more than 1,718 adults showed that those who attend church frequently have stronger immune systems than those who do not attend church.

Researches at Duke University have found that relaxing, feeling better about you & managing emotional & psychological stress can profoundly reduce the risk of coronary artery disease.

Reducing mental stress also proved more beneficial than exercise.

People who were prayed for did better. In a study of 393 patients in a coronary care unit who were randomly assigned to have prayers offered by others for their support or not; those who were prayed for fared better than those who were not prayed for.

Church attendance is an insulator against crime.

Harvard economist Richard B. Freeman finds, that church attendance is a good predictor of who escapes poverty, drug addiction, and crime.
            People who attended church were more likely to stop smoking, increase exercise and stay married.

2 to 3 years of additional life is associated with regular church attendance. Those who do not attend religious services have twice the risk of dying over the next eight years as those who do attend.

People who believe their lives have meaning live longer than those who don’t. People who give help fare even better than those who receive it.

Religious belief is not just a mind question, but involves a commitment of one’s body as well.

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